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Nourishing Body Oil 5oz

Nourishing Body Oil 5oz

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I stopped wearing lotion almost two years ago. I was tired of being ashy right after applying the thing. Ugh. Also, after finding out about my fibroids, I became super curious and mindful of exactly what was going into my body. Studies have shown that toxic chemicals can enter the bloodstream through our food, cosmetics and skincare. I go through ingredient lists with a fine-tooth comb because I want to know what is being absorbed through my skin. Generally, I don’t wear perfume but I want to smell like I do. So I created this nourishing body oil to make me feel and smell delicate and grown. If you’re someone who, like me, no longer wears lotion, is conscious of ingredients, wants to smell like a hint of a unisex perfume, likes a nice, silky application, and wants people to do a double take when you pass by, this nourishing body oil is for you.

Made with organic and cold pressed oils. Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Argan oil, Almond oil, Safflower oil and fragrance oils. Best results on damp/wet skin.

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