About Lucy

Hola! I’m Lucy and I love inspiring women to live authentic lives through written, transparent truths. I believe that deep down, we have an idea of who we are at our core. I believe that our truth(s), no matter how raw, should be explored, expressed and shared. I incorporate a visual aspect to my writing because that’s how I see beauty. My resources are my perspectives. My tools are my lessons. Welcome!

I was always that kid with her nose buried deep in a book.

My earliest memories of writing were in middle school. My two best friends and I had a magazine. We'd share amongst ourselves the most amazing stories. At that time, I was also a voracious reader. You know, the kid who had her own cardboard box library at home, with tons of borrowed books. Weekly, I'd make stops to the library for new reads packed in my Winn-Dixie grocery bag.

There was reading, writing, and one more thing.

It was junior-year in high school when I’d decided to become a photographer. I’ve always been more of an observer than a talker. I remember watching films and viewing work by Gordon Parks and being so inspired by him. Taking black and white images in my homemade shoebox camera and developing film in the darkroom senior year. I wanted to be just like him when I grew up.

In college, I studied to become a photojournalist. I knew I more than loved stories. I was obsessed with the way words, when joined with images, could form an unbreakable bond. Those words and those images could dig into the depths of one's soul and evoke feelings that many would attempt to camouflage.

For a long time, I struggled to find my purpose.

Who am I? What am I supposed to be doing with my life? Who am I supposed to be helping?

I knew that I loved sharing, whether it be a good story or something new I learned. To not do those things felt like denying myself of myself. A death of the spirit. A dishonesty of the essence of me.

Talk about your bI am a truth-teller. I love inspiring women to live an authentic life through written, transparent truths.rand

The Birth & Evolution of Lucy's Pearls

When I officially started this blog back in January 2010, I wanted to chronicle my love of photography.

The goal was to use this space as a 365-day project. It turned into me sharing some of the most vulnerable stories I ever braved to utter. Putting my true self out there, having the courage to speak my mind, and always speaking truthfully, has earned me your confidence in this space.I will always continue to explore and share with you what I see in the world through colorful storytelling.

Lucy’s Pearls was a lifestyle blog focused on inspiring visionary women who want to live bold, authentic lives. Lucy’s Pearls will always be my brand. But as I evolve, so will my brand.

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Shine bright!
xo, Lucy